Presentation “Migration, Digital Media and Emotions” (CONNECTINGEUROPE) with Sandra Ponzanesi (European Research Council workshop, 16 November 2020)

On 16 November 2020, Sandra Ponzanesi presents “Migration, Digital Media and Emotions” as part of CONNECTINGEUROPE at the European Research Council workshop “Sex and Gender Dimension in Frontier Research.”

This workshop aims to create a platform to showcase and discuss innovative approaches to address gender dimensions in research. Considering gender differences may add more value to research in some fields. The ultimate goal of the workshop is to raise awareness on how gender dimension, in the way research is designed, conducted and administered, influences the quality and usefulness of the results.

The presentation “Migration, Digital Media and Emotions” was part of a series of presentations around “Gender and Fairness in the Digital Society”.


For an overview of the full workshop program, see here.