Publication “Understanding how migrants connect is key to fostering understanding” on EU Cordis (27 October 2020)

The article and short interview “Understanding how migrants connect is key to foster understanding” on the ERC Project CONNECTINGEUROPE is now available on the EU Cordis website.

CONNECTINGEUROPE illuminates how social media connect migrant groups and provide tools for emancipation and participation. The article shows a brief overview of CONNECTINGEUROPE’s aims and successes, such as the project’s emphasis on the emotional aspect of migration and the kinds of connectivity digital media ensure, in addition to the political and economic factors. The publication of the article is part of the CORDIS Results Pack “How frontier research advances innovative ideas and perspectives on gender”. This Results Pack showcases a variety of recent frontier research on issues relating to gender, funded by the European Research Council. It features work of ERC grantees whose projects are working either within – or in several cases across – a multitude of academic fields within the humanities and social sciences.

The full article can be read here.