Debate Full Circle Triptych #2: Technomigrant with Sandra Ponzanesi

On January 25th, Sandra Ponzanesi participated in the second Full Circle debate, entitled Triptych #2: Technomigrant, at Full Circle House in Brussels. 

The debate focused on open borders and the future of migration, exploring technology’s transformative impact on borders and world migration. When, several years ago, pictures of newly arrived migrants taking selfies as they reached European soil were often shared in media outlets and on social media, many watchers and readers were momentarily confused. Carrying a smartphone, and taking a selfie, appeared to be at odds with the image of people fleeing from war and/or poverty. As smartphones, social media, Whatsapp and geolocation become more ubiquitous across the world, it is clear that technology has changed modern migration significantly. With these developments, global technologies render phyiscal borders pointless. However, new technologies also feed into tougher security measures, increased surveillance, and a thicker European fortress.

Other invited speakers were dr. Leo Lucassen (Leiden University) and architect Allison Killing.