CFP: International Journal of Cultural Studies – Guest edited by Donya Alinejad and Sandra Ponzanesi

Migration, Digital Media and Emotion

Guest edited by Donya Alinejad and Sandra Ponzanesi 

In contexts of migration and transnational mobility, spheres of lived sociality have long spanned borders and nation-state territories. More recently, however, the use of mobile digital devices has become ubiquitous within many forms of migratory mobility, especially when they come paired with the latest iteration of Web 2.0, or “the social web.” Yet these developments in media technologies not only allow for information exchange but also foster a globally mediatized emotional exchange, which leads to new interactions between media, migration, and emotion. As the use of these devices and platforms penetrates the most intimate relationships and exchanges shaped by transnational distances and mobility, we are reminded anew of how migration has always been shaped by more than rational, economic considerations. Continue reading here.

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  • 15 February, 2019
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