On this page, you will find an overview of the publications resulting from the project ‘Digital Crossings in Europe: Gender, Diaspora and Belonging’.

Inaugural lecture by Prof. Dr. Sandra Ponzanesi

Connecting Europe: Postcolonial Mediations. Delivered on 15-04-2016.

Click here to watch the Inaugural lecture. Click here to read the lecture.


Ponzanesi, S and Colpani, G (2016). Postcolonial Transitions in Europe: Contexts, Practices and Politics. London: Rowman and Littlefield.

Journal special issues

  • K. Leurs & S. Ponzanesi (forthcoming 2018). Connected migrants: Encapsulation & cosmopolitanization. Popular Communication. Read the description here. 
  • K. Leurs & K. Smets (forthcoming 2017). Forced migration and digital connectivity in(to) Europe. Social Media + Society. Read the cfp here.
  • Sandra Ponzanesi (Guest Editor), Special Issue ‘The Point of Europe’ (2016). Interventions. International Journal of Postcolonial Studies. Published by Routledge. Vol 18, 2. Peer-reviewed. Available in open access format.
  • Sandra Ponzanesi and Verena Berger (2016), ‘Genres And Tropes in Postcolonial Cinemas in Europe´, Transnational Cinemas, 7 (2). Introducation article available in open access format.
  • K. Leurs & S. Ponzanesi (2014) Guest-edited special issue on Digital Crossings in Europe. Crossings, Journal of  Migration and Culture, 4 (1), p. 3-22. Introduction article available in open acces format.


  • Leurs, K. (accepted) ‘Feminist data studies. Using digital methods for ethical, reflexive and situated socio-cultural research. Lessons learned from researching young Londoners’ digital identities’. Feminist Review, 115 (Themed issue on Methods). Link to the article. 
  • Ponzanesi, S. (2016). ‘Of Shipwrecks and Weddings: Borders and Mobilities in Europe’. Transnational Cinemas, 7 (2), pp. 151-167. Link to the article. 
  • Ponzanesi, S. (2016). ‘On the Waterfront: Truth and Fiction in Postcolonial Cinema from the South of Europe’, Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies, 18 (2), pp. 217-233. Link to the article. 
  • Leurs, K. (2016). ‘Young Connected Migrants and Non-Normative European Family Life. Exploring Affective Human Right Claims of young E-diasporas’. International Journal of E-Politics, 7 (3). Link to the article 
  • Leurs, K. & Georgiou, M. (2016). ‘Digital makings of the cosmopolitan city. Young people’s urban imaginaries of London’. International Journal of Communication2016, 10, 3689-3709. Download link.
  • Leurs, K. (2014). ‘Digital Throwntogetherness. Young Londoners negotiating urban politics of difference and encounter on Facebook’. Popular Communication, 12 (4), 251-265. Link to the article.
  • Leurs, K. (2014). ‘The politics of transnational affective capital: Digital connectivity among young Somalis stranded in Ethiopia’. In K. Leurs & S. Ponzanesi (Eds.). Special issue on Digital Crossings in Europe. Crossings, Journal of  Migration and Culture, 4 (1), p. 87-104. Link to the article.

Book chapters

  • Kristin Hole, Dijana Jelača, E. Ann Kaplan, Patrice Petro (eds.) (2016). ‘Postcolonial and Transnational Approaches to Film and Feminism’. In Companion to Cinema and Gender. Routledge, pp. 25-35.
  • Mona Baker and Bolette Blaagaard (eds.) (2016). Frontiers of the Political: ‘Closed Sea’ and the Cinema of Discontent’. In Citizen Media and Public Spaces Diverse Expressions of Citizenship and Dissent. New York: Routledge,  pp. 42-57.
  • Leurs, K., Candidatu, L., & Ponzanesi, S. (forthcoming). ‘Digital diaspora beyond the buzzword. Towards a relational understanding of mobility and connectivity’. In R. Tsagarousianou & J. Retis. The Handbook of Diasporas, Media, and Culture. New Jersey, NJ: Wiley-Blackwell.
  • Leurs, K. (forthcoming). ‘Internet-mediated qualitative research in migration studies’. In R. Zapata-Barrero & E. Yalaz. Qualitative Research in European Migration Studies. Springer.
  • Leurs, K. & Shepherd, T. (forthcoming) ‘Dataficiation and discrimination’. In K. van Es & M. Schaefer. The Datafied Society. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.
  • Leurs, K. (2016). ‘Digital divides in the era of widespread Internet access: Migrant youth negotiating hierarchies in digital culture’. In M. Walrave, K. Ponnet, E. Vanderhoven, J. Haers & B. Segaert (Eds.) Youth 2.0. Connecting, Sharing and Empowering. Affordances, Uses and Risks of Social Media. Cham: Springer.
  • Leurs, K. (2016). ‘Social Media as Contact Zones: Young Londoners Remapping the Metropolis through Digital Media’. In S. Ponzanesi & G. Colpani (Eds.). Postcolonial Transitions in Europe. Contexts, Practices and Politics. Rowman & Littlefield.