Diaspora and Digital Encounters in the City: Digital Media Practices of Somali, Romanian and Turkish Migrant Women in London

MelisMelis Mevsimler’s research is on  digital practices of  Somali, Turkish and Romanian migrant women in London.Her PhD research project aims to explore how virtual communities of migrants, or digital diasporas, convey issues of technology, migration and globalizations. More precisely, it examines and situates intersections of digital media and migration with a particular emphasis on everyday realities of migrant women in city of London. The project gathers, maps and critically grounds online behavior by migrant women of Somali, Turkish and Romanian descent living in London. The disciplinary embedding of this research follows an interdisciplinary theoretical and methodological trajectory.Theoretically, it encompasses fields of postcolonial studies, media and communications, migration studies and gender studies. Methodologically, it pursues a ‘mixed-methods’ approach through online data collection, virtual ethnography and interviews and ethnographic accounts