Publication Special Issue Migration, Digital Media and Emotion | International Journal of Cultural Studies (September 2020)

The Special Issue “Migration, Digital Media and Emotion” of the International Journal of Cultural Studies was published by Sage Journals. This Special Issue was guest edited by Donya Alinejad and Sandra Ponzanesi.

Contributions include:

  • Donya Alinejad, Sandra Ponzanesi. “Migrancy and digital mediations of emotion.” (pp. 621-638)
  • Raelene Wilding, Loretta Baldassar, Shashini Gamage, Shane Worrell, Samiro Mohamud. “Digital media and the affective economies of transnational families.” (pp. 639-655)
  • Celine Meyers, Pragna Rugunanan. “Mobile-mediated mothering from a distance: A case study of Somali mothers in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.” (pp. 656-673)
  • Jolynna Sinanan, Catherine Gomes. ” ‘Everybody needs friends’: Emotions, social networks and digital media in the friendships of international students.” (pp. 674-691)
  • Haili Li. “Transnational togetherness through Rela: Chinese queer women’s practices for maintaining ties with the homeland.” (pp. 692-708)
  • Mine Gencel Bek, Patricia Prieto Blanco. “(Be)Longing through visual narrative: Mediation of (dis)affect and formation of politics through photographs and narratives of migration at DiasporaTürk.” (pp. 709-727)
  • Silvia Almenara-Niebla. “Making digital ‘home-camps’: Mediating emotions among the Sahrawi refugee diaspora.” (pp. 728-744)
  • Marloes Annette Geboers, Chad Thomas Van De Wiele. “Regimes of visibility and the affective affordances of Twitter.” (pp. 745-765)
  • Annamária Neag, Markéta Supa. “Emotional practices of unaccompanied refugee youth on social media.” (pp. 766-786)
  • Earvin Charles Cabalquinto, Guy Wood-Bradley. “Migrant platformed subjectivity: rethinking the mediation of transnational affective economies via digital connectivity services.” (pp. 787-802)
  • Beatrice Zani. “WeChat, we sell, we feel: Chinese women’s emotional petit capitalism. (pp. 803-820)


Special Issue “Migration, Digital Media and Emotion”. Guest edited by Donya Alinejad and Sandra Ponzanesi. Vol. 23(5), 2020: 621-820. For more information and access, see here.