International Workshop on Forced Migration and ICT with Sandra Ponzanesi and Koen Leurs (April 6-7, Hong Kong)

Sandra Ponzanesi and Koen Leurs present at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)  during the international workshop on “Forced Migration and ICT: Key Concepts for Future Research” at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).

This workshop, organized by Saskia Witteborn, Associate Director of the Research Centre on Migration and Mobility and Associate Professor in the School of Journalism and Communication, gathers prominent scholars in the field of forced migration and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The goal of the workshop is to discuss key concepts driving research with refugees, technology, and digital practice in various parts of the world. Each speaker will propose one key concept, which encapsulates theoretical and methodological moves (ranging from traceability, digital cosmopolitanism and digital resettlement, to communication rights, agency, participatory research, the arts, digital privacy and security). In addition to the conceptual and methodological discussions, empirical evidence and practical interventions, the participants will look at the intersections between migration and forced migration, including the question of how to define forced migration, and highlight research on displacement and technology from a global perspective.

Sandra Ponzanesi will present her research on Digital Cosmopolitanism on Thursday 6th of April. In her contribution Ponzanesi proposes to interrogate new forms of digital cosmopolitanism(s) by investigating how digital connectivity operates in the everyday life of forced migrants, contributing to a renewed understanding of self, other and the world while accounting for new forms of divides and exclusion.

Koen Leurs will present Communication Rights From The Margins on Friday 7th of April. Situated in the geo-political context of Europe, this intervention problematizes human rights from the perspective of young forced migrants and their communication rights.

Read more on the program of the workshop and abstracts of the speakers here.