Sandra Ponzanesi presented her inspiring story as a ERC laureate during the European Research Council 10-year anniversary celebration

In 2017 the European Research Council marks its 10th anniversary; an important milestone in making Europe a global centre of excellence in research. It is time for celebrations in Brussels and all across Europe and for reflection on the past decade and on the future.

Utrecht University took part in this celebration after the outstanding job done so far by the Utrecht-based ERC researchers. Since 2008, Utrecht University has hosted 68 ERC grants, divided in Starting Grant (allocated for five years to promising researchers who have proven that they have the potential to become independent leaders of research), ERC Consolidator Grant and the ERC Advanced Grant (to researchers whose ground-breaking work opens up new directions in their field).

On the day of its celebration ERC laureates from Utrecht University, UMC Utrecht and Hubrecht Institute shared their inspiring stories to inform future research grant applicants. The PI of the Connecting Europe project prof. Sandra Ponzanesi shared her experience with this project.

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