Panel Session ECREA “Mediating Europe. Digital Diasporas and Belonging” (9-12 November, Prague)

The 2016 edition if the ECREA Conference was titled ‘Mediated (Dis)Continuities: Contesting Pasts, Presents and Futures’. Prof. Ponzanesi and the team of CONNECTINGEUROPE organised a panel session on Friday 11 November: ‘Mediating Europe. Digital Diasporas and Belonging’.

Paper presentations

Furthermore, the team members presented papers during the ECREA Conference:

  • Sandra Ponzanesi: ‘Digital Europe and the Postcolonial Challenge’
  • Donya Alinejad: ‘Politics of Home: Mediating Affective Migrant Connections’
  • Laura Candidatu: ‘Mapping Transnational Diasporic Connections in the Dutch-Turkish diaspora’
  • Melis Mevsimler: ‘Understanding Digital Media Practices of Somali Migrant Women in Postcolonial Framework’
  • Claudia Minchilli: ‘Not all the Roads Lead to Rome: Romanian Women’s Digital Strategies to Overcome Social Borders in the Capital City’

See the Picture gallery from the conference here.